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Pallet pool operator LPR reverts its company name to La Palette Rouge

LPR, one of the UK’s leading pallet pool operators, has reverted its company name to become once again ‘La Palette Rouge’, previously being registered as Logistics Packaging Return. This move reaffirms LPR’s identity with its famous product – the very distinctive ‘red pallet’.

The change to La Palette Rouge takes it back to its original name, when the pallet pooling specialist launched in France in 1992 and will apply to all of the Group subsidiaries.

Jane Gorick, managing director of LPR UK, explains more: "La Palette Rouge is well-known and understood, because as soon as we mention the red pallet, people know who we are. In reality, we have never ceased to be ‘the red pallet company’ for most of our stakeholders, so it’s great to be reverting back to a name that ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’."

The company adopted Logistics Packaging Return to describe its operations in 1997 as it was believed at the time that an English name would better facilitate the company’s European expansion. With operations now in Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France and the UK, LPR has seen significant success in winning market share throughout the continent and last year its turnover surpassed 100 million Euros.

LPR’s red pallets are known for their quality and several surveys have found they are considered among the best on the market. Quality has always been a company priority and La Palette Rouge strives constantly to strengthen and improve its product and service to meet the rigorous demands of the FMCG supply chain. Consequently, LPR has now turned its attention to sustainability and has launched its sustainable development policy. In fact LPR recently became the only company in the pallet-pooling sector to be awarded PEFC status (Programme for the endorsement of Forest Certification).

The organisation has undertaken a carbon footprint audit with the help of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) which looked its activities across Europe including pallet production, depot management, waste and transport. The conclusions clearly indicated that pooling systems involving timber pallets has a reduced carbon footprint than pallet exchange models or plastic pallets. Furthermore, LPR has focused on optimising its transport operations, involving service providers, reducing business travel and committing to the Copenhagen Communique.

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