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Pallet pooling provider CHEP help Coca Cola increase efficiency and supply chain savings

Casbega, one of the largest Coca-Cola bottling companies in Spain and a CHEP customer for a number of years, is continually looking at ways to increase the efficiency of its operation, whilst minimising the impact that its activities are having on the environment.

José María Sánchez, Industrial and Logistical Director, Casbega said, "We are always striving to set a benchmark for business excellence. In our continuous quest to deliver cost savings and logistical improvements, we are very pleased to be working with CHEP, due to the high quality of service they provide". He continued, "The CHEP pallet is far superior to white wood pallet alternatives and allows us to optimise the efficiency of our production operations. Using sub-standard pallets only leads to problems in our highly-automated production facility, which can be costly and compromise the level of service we can provide."

Casbega’s plant is located on the industrial park in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. It is one of Coca-Cola’s most advanced bottling plants across the world, occupying a site of 250,000m2 and serving over 68,000 distributors and retailers. The latest technology is applied at every stage during the production process. José María Sánchez commented, "Our production lines and palletisation are fully automated, so pallets need to be of the highest quality to ensure there is no interruption to production, and the efficiency and safety of our operations can be maintained."

Casbega bottles 275 different products and maintains enough stock for 8 to 10 days. Customer orders can be received up to 5pm, with guaranteed next day delivery from 6am. José María Sánchez added, "To achieve these results consistently we need reliable, committed and efficient suppliers like CHEP, who are able to deliver pallets to us when they are required from their service centre located just 3 km from our plant."

Casbega is also a company that works with its suppliers to protect the environment. José María Sánchez continued, "Our constant concern with safeguarding the environment means that we eliminate waste wherever possible throughout the bottling process. Our greatest contribution in the specific area of palletisation is to minimise the amount of wood used, which we are able to do by using CHEP pallets which are continually being recycled through the supply chain."

Laura Nador, Country General Manager, CHEP Iberia, is very pleased with how CHEP’s relationship with Casbega has developed over the years, "Our continuous search for ways to help Casbega improve the efficiency of its operations has paid off. It is a real honour for CHEP to have Casbega included in our Iberia customer portfolio."

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