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Pallet trucks reduce emissions as businesses now legally required to report carbon footprint

A pallet truck provider in the UK is helping listed companies to cut down on their emissions and be more eco-friendly, after regulations came into play that legally require these types of businesses to report their carbon footprint. Midland Pallet Truck is assisting businesses across the country to compile positive reports with regards to the carbon cutdowns; their manual handling equipment can help to decrease carbon emissions and help businesses to stay on the right side of the new legislation.

Carbon emissions often cost much more than many companies realise, whether it is from carbon taxes, transportation within the workplace or fuel for vehicles used within the working environment. The legislation, which came into play on the 1st October 2013, aims to encourage more businesses to manage these costs in a more effective way, and with the idea that their carbon emissions will be monitored, many will be spurred on to try to cut their emissions.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, "Though not all businesses in the UK will be affected by the new legislation, this is just another step towards a country that is eco-conscious about many of its decisions. The trend for reducing carbon footprints is ever increasing around the UK, and many businesses are turning to manual handling solutions such as hand-operated pallet trucks in a bid to reduce the amount of harmful emissions they create within their industry."

A modest selection of well-chosen pallet trucks can help to increase the productivity and efficiency of a business without bringing in equipment that emits harmful chemicals and requires a lot of fuel. Lightweight hand pallet trucks are a sensible investment in such environmentally-conscious times; with huge weight capacities of 3000kg, they can be used to move a large number of pallets effectively and quickly without having to resort to heavy machinery. These trucks are also designed to last, with a robust and hardwearing construction, ensuring that businesses which utilise them will need to spend less cash on replacements, and thus in turn will be protecting the environment further.

Manual handling equipment such as aerial work platforms, drum loaders, lift tables and manual stacker trucks also help with eco-friendly operations that will help to comply with carbon guidelines. They require no extra fuel or added chemicals to make them function properly; they simply function with the manpower provided by hardworking employees.

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