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Pallet Trucks UK now selling second hand, used and reconditioned Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks UK have announced their latest stock additions will be a series of reconditioned and used pallet trucks, ideal for those organisations who want the benefit of a pump truck on a second hand budget.

Phil Chesworth, from Pallet Trucks UK said, "There are many different reasons why a business might be looking to purchase a reconditioned pallet truck. Economic conditions have hit an all-time low, and budget restrictions might force them into searching for more cost-effective manual handling solutions. A business which is just starting out might not have the start-up funds to budget for a whole fleet of new trucks. Companies in some stage of transition might only require their trucks for a limited amount of time, and therefore would be wasting money by splashing out on brand new ones. There might even be a call to test-run an extra batch of pallet trucks to see how useful they would be without laying out huge sums. Whatever the reason might be for purchasing a second-hand pallet truck, there are many advantages to consider."

Pallet Trucks UK’s second hand pallet trucks, reconditioned pallet trucks and used pallet trucks for sale are all inspected before dispatch and some carry a limited warranty. Many trucks have simple superficial damage but are all functional. Some simply have scratches on their paintwork but all are fully functional and in good and safe working order. The used and reconditioned trucks are not listed on the website individually as conditions vary but details are available by calling the sales desk.

The biggest benefit of purchasing a used pallet truck is obviously the cost and the knock-on effect this would have on a business. The prices of these trucks are substantially reduced from brand new pallet trucks and they function to exactly the same standard. The lower prices mean that companies who require a larger intake of pallet trucks can order a larger batch at once for a lower price, and the businesses who perhaps just require one extra pallet truck in addition to their fleet can bolster their ranks for less. Pallet trucks which will be used for a short amount of time, perhaps over the course of a large one-off order or during the particularly busy Christmas period can also be purchased without huge outlay.

Mr Chesworth added, "The much reduced cost might lead people to believe that the pallet trucks are not in good condition. This is a common myth and untrue; many of the second-hand pallet trucks which we have for sale have only superficial damage such as paint scratches or chips. They obviously cannot be sold as new, and their prices are docked considerably for what could be considered inconsequential damage."

The effects of extra pallet trucks around a workplace are considerable, particularly when the initial outlay for the asset can be reduced by purchasing a not new model. A larger volume of work can be carried out in a shorter space of time, increasing profit margins and productivity. Many of the pallet trucks available also have extra capabilities which can be utilised to streamline packing and distribution; weighing scale trucks, traverse trucks and rough terrain trucks are all second-hand options which can diversify the abilities of a workforce without breaking the bank.

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