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Palletline are going all the way

with the help of Vigo and Psion Teklogix. Vigo Software, a supplier of specialist software to leading logistics and overnight pallet companies for 26 years, has won a contract to provide Palletline with signature capture software that will enable Palletline to trace the movement of palletized loads to the point of delivery across the UK and Ireland.

The software means that Palletline can now operate a five point track and trace system that allows deliveries to be monitored from the moment a pallet is collected to the point where it is received at its final destination.

Palletline operates the UK's original hub and spoke pallet distribution operation and uses a barcode scanning system that first scans pallets as they leave the collecting depot within the Palletline network and then scans them again as they arrive at the central hub. The pallets are scanned once more as they depart the hub on their way to the delivery depot were they are scanned once more as they continue their journey on outbound vehicles to their recipient.

Until the decision to invest in the new proof of delivery (POD) software, Palletline's member companies had used a variety of paper-based POD systems.

Palletline is one of the first company's to introduce Vigo's new signature capture software – which is a web-based system – to allow pallets to be traced right through the supply chain to the point of delivery.

Interestingly, the Vigo solution has been available for some two years but its take up has been limited, hindered by the lack of quality signature capture hardware on the market. While the software is compatible with a range of mobile computers, Vigo has recommended that Palletline members use the new iKon rugged PDA (personal digital assistant) from Psion Teklogix.

A sleek, compact and powerful design with robust built-in functionality, iKôn is an ideal mobile computing device, delivering increased productivity and efficiency by enabling a host of advanced mobile applications to be carried out from a single unit.

iKôn packs incredible functionality into a compact form and offers class-leading ergonomics, aesthetics, and ease of use. The iKôn has the highest battery capacity in the market giving it 14 hours of use and can scan barcodes with its integrated imager or scanner, or use its inbuilt camera to take a colour picture – making it ideal for Vigo and Palletline's needs.

“We have used Vigo's Hub and traffic software for a number of years so it makes sense to use their signature capture solutions. Vigo software now co-ordinates the whole Palletline track and trace operation,” says Kevin Bucannon, managing director of Palletline.
He continues: “The absence of a rugged hardware solution compatible with the new software had forced us to delay introducing the software but with the introduction of the new iKôn we have a product that meets our requirements perfectly.”

“Efficient signature capture and proof of delivery is the final link in the overnight pallet distribution chain and we feel that the new Vigo software system supported by Psion Teklogix's new iKôn hardware will bring significant cost advantages for haulage companies and allow them to make notable efficiency gains when it comes to the administration burden,” he added.

Keith Taylor, managing director of Vigo Software, commented: “Our software enables the final link in track and trace to be completed. The driver has the manifest for the day within his handset and apart from its signature capture functionality the iKôn enables the Palletline members drivers to photograph goods and scan the pallets barcode at point of delivery to ensure that the right load has been delivered. IKôn's built in GPS functionality means it is possible to identify precisely where goods have been left while drivers can communicate using the iKôn's telephone and text messaging capability.”


About Psion Teklogix
Psion Teklogix is a global provider of solutions for mobile computing and wireless data collection. The company's fully integrated mobile computing solutions include rugged hardware, secure wireless networks, robust software, professional services and exceptional support programs. With over three decades of industry experience, Psion Teklogix has customers in more than 80 countries around the world, and over 36 sales and support offices in 17 countries.

About Vigo Software
Vigo Software is the first specialist end-to-end logistics solution offered to leading hauliers, logistics and overnight pallet companies. Vigo tailored programs are unique in that they are integrated systems for both hauliers and warehousing specialists. Vigo provides online order entry, pricing, load planning, scanning, routing to postcodes/zones, comprehensive track and trace, storage and costing information.

Vigo make use of the latest Internet technology, however all programs and data is held locally for security and continuity of business. Integrated vehicle tracking and the latest hand-held signature capture equipment all powered by software developed from over 26 years of supplying the transport, warehousing industry.

Vigo offer a variety of stand alone modules that when integrated form a comprehensive integrated transport solution, Vigo are also able to link to many third party products thus cutting out the need for costly double input of data.

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