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Paragon’s realistic fleet scheduling is a hit with drivers

Paragon’s Fleet Controller software builds on the company’s core scheduling solutions and enables transport managers to take their fleet planning to the next level. Paragon Fleet Controller facilitates the incorporation of real-world data into the route planning process. This helps users to refine and enhance planning procedures, producing more realistic delivery schedules, and fleet managers are finding that the more achievable the schedule, the happier their drivers.

Paragon’s Fleet Controller provides a major advance in transport efficiency and customer service. As the interface between a company’s planning solution and the GPS devices in its vehicles, Fleet Controller enables real-time fleet activity to be tracked automatically against Paragon planned routes and schedules. This gives transport managers direct visibility into how the day’s schedule is progressing so they can deal with any issues or delays as they occur.

Live ETA updates and “running late” alerts mean that transport managers know whether a vehicle will reach its next destination early, late or on time, and whether it’s necessary to call customers to advise them of any time changes or delays.

Paragon’s Fleet Controller also provides an accurate picture of transport and service performance, enabling companies to ensure delivery schedules are legal and achievable, and unearth hidden inefficiencies for continuous performance improvement.

A fully integrated solution produces meaningful reports that can help transport managers to improve operational performance, and the Route Replay facility enables immediate driver debriefing. This information can also be used to refine the schedules to make them more achievable for drivers, as well as improving first time delivery success.

“The software is helping users to continually improve the accuracy of their delivery schedules, and ensure they are achievable”, adds Phil Ingham. “As well as the obvious customer service benefits, this also really helps to keep drivers motivated.”

Paragon’s solution can track multiple tracking products, allowing customers with seasonal business to add short-term contract transport operators to the system to accommodate heavier volumes during peak periods.

"It’s easy to justify having Paragon Fleet Controller,” said one Transport & Logistics Manager. “However, it would be impossible to justify NOT having it."

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