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Parc System recommissioned following system updates

Premier Waste Management's revolutionary Parc technology began the process of recommissioning last week, following the introduction of new systems and technologies.

The Parc system is capable of diverting up to 85% of waste from landfill, segregating out glass, metal and plastics for recycling and transforming the biodegradable waste in to a Compost Like Output (CLO) a valuable soil conditioning product. By composting the biodegradable waste the system is retaining this waste from being sent to landfill where it releases methane, a greenhouse gas 22 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

As part of the system's continual development Premier Waste recognised the need to build upon several elements of the design, commissioning new parts and scheduling the works back in August 2007. Work on the new systems began at the beginning of April and Parc was shut down for a short period to enable completion.

The significant investment in to the trail blazing technology included several improvements in the design. The shredder has been refurbished enabling waste to be cut down to a smaller size, allowing for better composting action.

A new trommel has been commissioned from a Dutch company specialising in the manufacture of recycling equipment. Performing rather like a sieve, the system will rotate twice as fast as the previous machinery and will ensure a reduction in plastic and other large material contaminating the CLO.

Premier Waste Management recognised an issue with the analogue temperature monitoring system recording inaccurate readings due to interference from the electrical equipment in the plant. As part of the development works a new digital temperature monitoring system was installed.

To further enhance the temperatures reached within the towers several systems have been built in to the facility. The two metal towers have been fitted with foamed insulation to improve the heat retention in the lowest section of the towers.

In addition, heating elements are now installed in the bottom sections of each tower to support the composting action, by blowing hot air in to the composting mass if required.

Parc has now entered a phase of recommissioning, during which time Premier Waste is working closely with both the Environment Agency and DEFRA to ensure the CLO meets requirements. The first batch of treated waste was discharged from the system on Friday of last week.

All waste will remain in the towers for an additional three days, this should ensure that all waste will be treated in accordance with DEFRA's required 70 Celsius temperature for one hour. In addition Premier Waste Management is continuing its regime of pathogen testing on each batch.

Ashley Cooper, Disposal Divisional Director commented: “As a revolutionary technology we are always looking at ways to improve and enhance the performance of Parc. These new works will enhance not only the temperature monitoring procedures, but the diversion rates from landfill.

“We are confident that the recommissioning of the system should take no more than six months, and we are working closely with DEFRA and the Environment Agency through this process.

“The Parc system embraces the company's principal that waste is a sustainable long term resource and we are committed to ensuring the technology delivers the highest quality, usable products possible.

“We look forward to the Environment Agency providing a standard protocol for CLO produced by all operators of aerobic digestion plants, so that we can be in a position to move this technology forward.”

Premier Waste Management
Tel: 0191 384 4000 www.premierwaste.com

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