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Parcel2Go Partner With Online Marketplaces Shpcok & Gumtree

Parcel2Go partner with online Marketplaces Shpock & Gumtree

During the lockdown, people are having to spend more time at home than normal which means that people are starting to do a lot of chores that need doing around the home. This includes decluttering the home and you might find that there are all kinds of items that you could sell online, but how can this be done safely?

Sell Items Safely Online

Both Shpock and Gumtree are popular community marketplaces for buying and selling second-hand items and both have recently launched a partnership with Parcel2Go to offer safe, contact-free door-to-door deliveries. This means that it is easy for people to sell the items that they no longer need without endangering themselves or public health, plus this can also be a great chance to raise some money in a time where many people are struggling financially.

Smart Partnership

Shpock and Gumtree are heavily used platforms, but since the pandemic both marketplaces have told people not to visit other’s homes which can make it challenging to buy and sell used items. Fortunately, this partnership means that people can still use these platforms and sell items that they no longer need without having the leave the home or even speaking to anyone else. Parcel2Go work with the best couriers to pick up and deliver items safely during this time and also have provided their own advice for safely buying and selling online during this challenging period.



For Shpock, it is simply a case of booking a pick-up time for your items and then leaving them in a box outside of your home. The courier will then pick up your items once you are safely back inside your home and drop them off at the designated address. Selling on Shpock remains free and the popular platform is even helping to support social distancing by helping cover the additional charges for contact-free door-to-door delivery.


Gumtree is offering a similar contact-free door-to-door service with all revenue generated from the partnership with Parcel2Go being donated to the Crisis ‘In This Together’ emergency fund. Hannah Rouch, CMO, Gumtree explained the partnership:

“With this partnership we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to exchange essential items in a safe and socially responsible way whilst giving back to those most in need at this difficult time. This is just one way in which Gumtree is committed to supporting Crisis and the incredible work they are doing across communities to get vital care to vulnerable people.”

Many people are looking to buy and sell second hand goods during the lockdown, but this is challenging in a time where there are restrictions in place and it is so important to protect public health. This is why the Parcel2Go partnerships with enormous marketplaces Shpock and Gumtree are so welcome and will allow people to buy and sell with confidence.

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