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Parked up lorries protected from fuel siphon thefts with GPS system

The threat of fuel being stolen from lorries parked in lay-bys can be significantly reduced with a GPS-tracking system.

The latest integrated GPS and CANbus telematics systems can sense an unusual reduction in fuel and automatically raise the alarm.

Now they are being recommended to fleet managers as a way to protect trucks and their drivers from the growing risk of siphon thefts.

One leading system, the fully GPS tracked VL-CANbus telematics system from UK firm VeriLocation is currently fitted to thousands of commercial vehicles operating internationally.

Even when the lorry is parked with the engine switched off the system continues to monitor its location and essential vehicle functions, such as levels of fuel.

It sends the data using the mobile phone data networks, and it can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.

"This means that if a thief siphons fuel the VL-CANbus will notice and raise the alarm," said VeriLocation’s Andrew Overton.

The VL-CANbus technology is more normally used to monitor a number of key performance indicators for each vehicle in real time.

VeriLocation’s customers typically report a reduction in operation costs of between 2 and 10 per cent, with a return on investment achieved within 6 to 12 months.

VeriLocation has been in GPS tracking and mapping since 1995, and now tracks more than 10,000 devices and vehicles in the UK.

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