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Parker Hannifin system imparts safer and better performing doors on refrigerated vehicles

Parker Hannifin system imparts safer and better performing doors on refrigerated vehicles

Parker Hannifin, the global market leader in motion and control technologies, has unveiled a trailer door system that both reduces the potential for driver injury and provides a more effective seal to retain cold air inside refrigerated vehicles.

The rear doors of a refrigerated trailer are notoriously heavy and difficult to close against the multiple sealing systems in place, making it tricky to overcome the sealing forces to maintain the necessary cool temperature inside. In addition, there is a major health and safety issue with existing systems. Truck drivers historically close the doors manually, but years of forcing them shut is resulting in a growing number of repetitive strain injuries, with an associated rise in expensive personal injury claims.

The challenge, therefore, is to provide a safe technical solution that can operate at low temperatures and be economically acceptable to vehicle operators.

With this in mind, Parker partnered with a customer’s engineering team to fully understand the requirements and develop a completely automated system (based on logic control) that could function in low temperatures. The result, Parker’s new trailer door system, offers fast, easy and silent operation, thus easing the strain on drivers dramatically and ensuring an effective seal that retains cold air inside the truck, time after time. In fact, so quiet is the system, which is based on a compact rodless actuator, that it boasts PIEK certification (for reduced operational noise), making it suitable for evening and night deliveries without disturbing the peace.

The system is available from Parker as a single source solution that reduces inventory and simplifies purchasing.

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