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Parker Hydraulic piston pumps now incorporate proportional pressure control for mobile applications

A new range of hydraulic piston pumps has been launched to help reduce the size of fan drive systems for both on- and off-highway vehicles. Developed by Parker Hannifin, and based on the company’s proven P1 piston pump, the new system features a dedicated proportional pressure control valve, built directly into the pump assembly. This effectively minimises system size and weight, without affecting overall performance or functionality, and enables design engineers to make best use of the space available on each vehicle; additionally, as part of the hydraulic fan drive system, the new system contributes to improved fuel efficiency and emission reduction.

Parker is the world’s leading manufacturer of motion and control technologies and has developed a comprehensive range of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems for the automotive sector, especially off-highway vehicles. In particular, the company has pioneered the use of hydraulic fan drive systems for cooling heavy equipment, as these offer considerable benefits over belt driven engine units. For example, hydraulic systems provide the ability to control fan speed independent of engine speed, to deliver significantly improved cooling efficiency and fuel economy. Additionally, the hydraulic fan drive components can be located practically anywhere on the vehicle, where space is available.

To date, however, fan drive systems have generally been comprised of independent components, with fan speed being varied by using a separate proportional pressure valve to control system pressure to the hydraulic motor; although effective, this solution takes up additional space and require extra hoses and connectors.

To address this issue, Parker has developed versions of its P1 hydraulic piston pump that incorporate proportional pressure valve control as part of the combined pump assembly; this minimise the number both of individual parts and the connections required, thereby reducing the overall space envelope and installation and maintenance costs.

The P1 variable displacement axial piston pumps are designed specifically for use with the open circuits found in mobile equipment and are rated for continuous operation at pressures up to 280 bar. They incorporate a number features to improve performance, reliability and efficiency, to ensure that they meet the higher temperatures and pressures generally associated with modern low emission diesel engines.

These features include low-flow ripple to minimise noise, high performance tapered roller shaft bearings and low friction, hydrostatically balanced swash plate saddle bearings. Robust elastomer seals protect against contamination, while standard mounting flanges and ports make installation quick and simple.

The new versions of the P1 hydraulic pump with integrated proportional valve control are available in a range of displacements including: 18, 28, 45, 60, 75, 100 and 140cc. Full technical and applications support is available through Parker’s worldwide network of manufacturing and sales centres.

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