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Parker Origa automation solutions new linear actuators offer excellent performance and smooth operation

The Parker-Origa Division of Parker Hannifin, the world’s largest manufacturer of motion and control technologies, has launched an innovative new series of electrical linear actuators developed for use in applications requiring highly dynamic movements and long transverse paths. With its revolutionary toothed belt design, the ODS-B combines excellent performance characteristics and smooth operation with outstanding energy efficiency, while offering a particularly long service life for maximum productivity and profitability.

Developed to provide ease of mounting and assembly, the new linear actuator ensures safe and ultra precise positioning of large loads and forces, at optimum speeds and acceleration, making it ideal for use in a range of ballscrew, trapezoidal, belt and linear motor drive applications.

Uniquely, the motor can be mounted in virtually any orientation offering an unparalleled degree of flexibility when designing a complete drive package. Indeed, the actuator can be mounted directly onto, for example, a machine bed, be free standing using standard mounting holes, or can be adapted to customer specific requirements, using an alternative fixing system such as T-slots in the body profile.

As a result, the ODS-B series provides an almost inexhaustible range of assembly options.

Furthermore, the modular design of the linear actuators allows them to be operated either with or without retrofittable covers, which complies with either protection class IP20 or IP54, depending on the demands of the operating environment. Other accessories are also available, including high resolution sensors for the precise measurement of end position, reference and displacements, braking systems and impact protection. The new linear actuators also feature externally accessible nipples for convenient central lubrication, cutting the time needed for maintenance tasks and reducing downtime still further.

For a truly flexible and bespoke construction, external limit switches can be fitted in a variety of positions, either inside or outside of covers, and are easily removable without assembly aids. The limit switches, in either a reed contact or an electronic version, ensure maximum safety and convenience by promptly and effectively preventing heavy impacts at the actuator end positions, eliminating wear or damage. In applications with particularly high operating speeds, the limit switches can also be combined with additional end position impact protection.

A further feature is a high performance holding brake, which stops and holds the actuator under load, even during vertical movement. Most critically, this allows users safely to lock the actuator carriage or the work pieces being carried on it, which may be at a critical point in a transfer or machining process, in an exact position.

All additional fittings can be located beneath the covers of the linear actuator to prevent contamination or damage. As a result, the ODS-B system is suitable for use in harsh and damp conditions, such as those typical of machining production and the food and beverage sectors.

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