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PATLITE specializes in requirements of food and beverage industry

In the ECOLAB test lab, PATLITE LED work lights of the CLA series demonstrated their material stability against cleaners used in the food and beverage industry.

In the test, the LED tubes were not affected by standard cleaners and disinfectants used in the food and beverage industry, including P3-topactive OKTO, P3-topactive 200 and P3-topax 56 from ECOLAB*.
The light bars comply with protection type IP 69K: Even under high pressure they can withstand hot water and dust.

The hygienically designed smooth housing is made of polycarbonate, which is highly resistant to breakage and also prevents the build-up of dirt, germs or bacteria. The danger of glass contamination in foods is also completely eliminated. The special translucent material provides for even distribution of the light, which is emitted at an angle of 120°. Equipped with mercury-free high-performance LEDs, the CLA work lights consume very little energy and give off hardly any heat. The LEDs have a life of approximately 40,000 hours – ten times that of conventional fluorescent tubes. The low dissipation of power reduces the energy consumption: One CLA light needs less than half the energy of a 20 Watt fluorescent light and produces only half as much CO2. This means that the elegantly designed light strips are also exceptionally eco-friendly.

PATLITE offers the CLA light bars in various light colours and sizes: The LED lights are available in the colours "Daylight (6800K)" and "Natural White (4800K)" in seven lengths from 100 to 1,500 millimetres. The colour "Amber", which is used primarily in semiconductor production areas, is available in lengths of 100 and 300 millimetres.

In addition to use in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, the LED lamps of the CLA series are also predestined for outdoor applications due to their special protection type.

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