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Peak-Ryzex and rascal systems get the news out on time

Peak-Ryzex has been awarded a managed services contract to supply, configure and support rascal systems’ mobile solution, which is used by retailers to manage their newspaper and magazine receipts and returns.

The agreement covers the supply of Motorola mobile devices, loading and configuring with rascal systems’ software, and distribution to the retailers. It also covers a repair and a Next Working Day Exchange (NWDE) service.

rascal systems provides the devices to thousands of retail outlets throughout the UK. Every day, each retailer scans their newspapers and magazines on receipt to confirm the quantity received matches the quantity ordered. The same happens with unsold publications returned to the wholesalers for credit.

The wholesalers provide rascal systems with the details of which publications are being delivered to each store the following day. This information is then transmitted to the handsets overnight. When the retailers scan their newspapers and magazines received, rascal systems picks up any discrepancies. All the information is uploaded to a central database and the details are sent to the wholesalers. In the case of short-supply, more copies can be ordered if required, otherwise the retailer’s account will be credited accordingly.

With delivery, receipt and returns data being sent to rascal systems’ central database, rascal can see exactly what each retailer has got and when unsold product needs to be returned.

According to Paul Mapp, Analyst Team Leader at rascal systems, the implementation of the system means that retailers do not need to physically count each newspaper and magazine, and it ensures that they only pay for the number of publications actually received and get credited for the correct number of returns. It also speeds up the whole process, eliminating delayed returns which could invalidate a claim for credit.

The retailers can also do a product check in store to pick up any out-of-date publications for return to the wholesaler for credit. The product check helps the retailers to ensure they have the latest issues on display.

Peak Ryzex manages rascal systems’ mobile solution, providing weekly reports and audit trails of all the devices. If a retailer reports a problem with a handset, it will be replaced the following working day and the SIM card will be swapped out.

"Prior to implementing our solution, the retailers would generally accept a batch of newspapers on trust and sign off a delivery note without physically counting each newspaper. Also, they often missed return dates, which meant they didn’t get credited for unsold products," says Mapp. "Using our software in combination with Peak-Ryzex’s managed mobility services, we save the retailers a lot of time and money every year, and it gives them control by making their newspaper and magazines section simple to manage in-store as well as enabling total visibility of the supply chain."

A short video interview with Paul Mapp explaining rascal systems’ mobile solution is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnWabprgC7U&feature=youtu.be

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