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Pedestrian controlled double decker stackers from Jungheinrich to launch in 2010

New all-rounder from Jungheinrich (type EJD 220) doubles as low and high-platform truck, combining the proven performance and safety characteristics of "conventional" Jungheinrich pedestrian-controlled trucks.

Jungheinrich is introducing a new electric pedestrian-controlled truck in January 2010. This type EJD 220 truck can pick up two Euro pallets at the same time, thus combining the characteristics of a low and high-platform truck in the same stacker. "That is why we call it a ‘double-deck’ truck," explains Oliver Hiekel, Head of product management and product marketing for pedestrian-controlled trucks at Jungheinrich. Thanks to its flexible design, the Jungheinrich EJD 220 can be deployed for virtually any task: from loading and unloading lorries and transporting pallets to stacking goods up to a height of 2,560 millimetres.

Double-decker stackers can perform their tasks at virtually twice the speed compared with conventional low and high-platform trucks. The Jungheinrich EJD 220 can transport loads of 2 x 1,000 kilogrammes in double-deck operating mode. In pure low-platform operating mode, it can transport up to 2,000 kilogrammes. This Jungheinrich all-rounder handles loads sturdily and reliably. The truck comes with a chassis made of 8 mm steel and a high-performance 1.6 kW motor based on the latest Jungheinrich A.C. three-phase technology. The operator can employ batteries with a capacity of up to 375 Ah to support multi-shift operation. Sideways access to the battery provides the necessary flexibility for battery changes. Independent of this, the user can conveniently recharge the EJD 220 at any mains socket via an integrated charging device (optional).

The necessary stability and safe travel is provided by the patented "ProTracLink" stabilising support wheel system. Sprung, hydraulically cushioned support wheels — linked via the patented ProTracLink support wheel system — distribute the stabilising force dependent on travel conditions. When cornering, support is concentrated on the outer wheel; when travelling in a straight direction, the force is distributed evenly over all wheels. The system was especially adjusted for the EJD 220 series to enable the maximum speed of six kilometres per hour to be achieved even in double-deck transport mode. "This extra measure of safety is absolutely necessary today, particularly on ramps and loading platforms," comments Hiekel.

The raising support arms guarantee a high degree of flexibility for the Jungheinrich double-deck stacker, especially when crossing thresholds, ramp kinks and uneven floors. According to Hiekel: "This increases the floor clearance and makes it safe and easy to travel over uneven surfaces." And whenever space is at premium, for example in a lorry or a narrow aisle, a crawl speed button facilitates safe travel with the tiller in the upright position.

Jungheinrich is among the leading international companies in the industrial truck, warehousing and materials handling sector. As a producing logistics service provider it offers its customers a comprehensive product range consisting of stackers, rack systems, services and consulting for complete intralogistics. The Jungheinrich share is traded on all German stock exchanges.

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