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Pennaire Filtration provides advanced filtration solution at metal powder production plant

Pennaire Filtration has recently provided a technologically advanced filtration solution involving a new fully automated multi-chamber reverse jet bag filter at a metal powder production plant in the UK.

As a major manufacturing enterprise, the Company which procured the new filtration system strives to be environmentally responsible and with local authority and Government guidelines becoming more stringent on the level of emissions released into the atmosphere they took a pro-active approach to improve their emissions from one of their processes.

Pennaire Filtration has evolved to solve all present day environmental needs for reduction of particulates to atmosphere. With nearly 100 years experience in the industry, they are well prepared to solve any process filtration, pollution control or nuisance venting issues, offering a tailor made service to suit individual application needs from design, supply and installation of new capital equipment to LEV surveys, servicing and spare parts.

Filter Specification

The plant manufactures nickel pellets from the base ore for use in the steel and car industries; this process results in nickel oxide (NiO2) emissions being released into the atmosphere. The previous filtration system used an electrostatic precipitator (ESP). An ESP is a particulate collection device which removes particles from a flowing gas using the force of an induced electrostatic charge. The production process required the use of two ESP’s on the site. This arrangement was necessary to allow for online cleaning to take place and reduced production downtime when either of the units was being serviced. Although emissions from the existing ESP’s complied with current legislation, the user acknowledged they were very close to the environmental licence level. Recognising their environmental responsibilities combined with the high energy consumption of the ESP’s the Company made the decision to seek an advanced particulate filtration technology to replace the ageing abatement plant.

With a wealth of filtration engineering experience, Pennaire Filtration had the technical knowledge to be able to suggest an effective solution to dramatically reduce the emission levels and energy consumption by changing the current ESP to a multi-chamber bag house filter system.

To ensure that the new system would be able to meet the required performance levels, the end-user decided to run trials on the systems to compare emissions. The filter system was installed in parallel alongside the ESP system whilst running; the final break in being conducted without any shutdown to the process. This installation method provided a number of significant benefits to the plant. Not only were they able to conduct comparative performance tests on each individuals system (bag filter versus ESP), they also retained the requisite emission controls in the event of any issues on the commissioning of the new bag filter.

The filter system has two fansets with cross-over capabilities; each exhausting independently to atmosphere. Both fans are inverter-controlled to maintain a preset suction at the process collection point. Only one fan runs at any time whilst the other is in standby mode, giving the client peace of mind in case of breakdown. The fans are regularly switched on line from standby to duty with no disruption to the process at all.

The plant engineers were pleased to find that the new bag filter system which employed Donaldson Tetratex #8042 Aramid Stainless Steel Felt reduced the particulate emissions to well within the 5mg licence levels.

Although the ESP is still in-situ, it is no longer in use; the gas flows directly through the two ESP’s and into the bag filter. The design of the new filtration system allowed for the ESP’s to stay in place causing minimal disruption to the plant and production process.

Bag Filter and Media

After much consideration and a visit to a manufacturing site where a similar system was in place, an order was issued for a new bag filter system with Pennaire Filtration.

Following a full technical evaluation, Pennaire Filtration designed, manufactured and supplied a bespoke bag filter system incorporating the very latest filter media and pulse-jet cleaning technology.

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