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Penny Hydraulics previews new load handling products at CV Show on Stand 1F30

Load handling devices such as cranes and platform lifts are among the most popular items to install on a new commercial vehicle and the latest developments in these vital devices are highlighted by Penny Hydraulics at CV Show (Stand 1F30).

Operators continue to demand rapid return on investment and a solid business case when considering additions to their new vehicles. Load handling equipment meets these objectives by making work simpler and safer. It allows an employee to work on their own without relying on help from a colleague. The operator sees an instant improvement in productivity which leads to faster return on investment. This is perhaps the main reason that companies specify cranes or platform lifts. These is also, of course, the benefit of eliminating the need to lift anything other than the lightest loads manually which means operators can comply with health and safety legislation and meet their duty of care obligations to employees.

The extensive range designed and manufactured in the UK by Penny Hydraulics includes cranes and platform lifts with maximum working loads up to 2000kg and 500kg respectively. Each can be installed on a wide range of commercial vehicles to provide enhanced load handling performance.

The company’s latest innovation is the SwingLift FV995. This has been introduced to meet demand for a fully hydraulic vehicle mounted crane with near one-tonne maximum working load from customers who do not want or need the added cost and complexity demanded by the new EN12999 regulations. This incoming legislation stipulates that cranes with a maximum working load of 1000kg or over must have additional sensors and interlocks to remain compliant. Many operators do not encounter loads this heavy in their everyday operations. Nor do they need the added complexity and potential reliability issues that can arise from the computer controlled systems offered by some manufacturers to comply with the new legislation. But they do want the load handling precision and control that comes with a hydraulic crane. By modifying one of its proven designs Penny Hydraulics has devised a highly reliable alternative that is simple to specify to handle a wide range of loads safely, simply and economically.

Other innovations on show for the first time include uprated versions of the Penny Hydraulics StepLift, LoadLift and Single Wheel Lift platform lifts with maximum working loads of 500kg. These popular vehicle lifts will now offer operators even greater load handling capacity on their commercial vehicles.

At this year’s CV Show the company will demonstrate products from its extensive vehicle mounted ranges as well as the MezzLift, its simple and efficient goods lift for handling loads up to 500kg between floors in workshops, warehouses and retail areas. This free-standing unit can be installed in almost any indoor or outdoor location and is delivered within four weeks of order.

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