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Perfect solution to a flowery waste problem

People laying their loved ones to rest and visiting their graves leave a vast 40 to 60 cubic meters of flowers in the cemeteries and crematoria every week, all of which needs to be disposed of when the flowers die. Having such high volumes of waste, were creating problems in terms of costs and man power, not to mention the disruption caused by collection vehicles visiting the sites as many as three times every week.

ACM has supplied a high-density, portable, lockable compactor to crush the dead flowers and associated waste products, such as cellophane, oasis and ribbon, and after being in use for just one month the new equipment has already delivered significant improvements.

Richard Baldwin, Islington & Camden Cemetery Services' Business and Administration Manager explains: “Previously we had at least two or three waste collections every week but since the installation of the compactor a month ago we haven't needed any!”

“I'm sure that it will help us to save on our waste collection costs but just as importantly for us, it is saving us time and man power because in the past some of the collections were being handled by our own staff making twice weekly trips to the municipal tip, using one of our own vehicles.”

The compactor has not only saved Islington and Camden Cemetery Services money, it has also helped to improve their environmental performance through reduced CO2 emissions, it has also reduced the noise pollution caused by large collection vehicles driving through the cemeteries.

ACM waste management consultant, Lezlee Burke, adds: “Cemeteries and crematoria should be tranquil environments where people can pay their respects and think about their loved ones without the peace being shattered by the noise and fumes created by large vehicles.

“The installation of the compactor has minimised this kind of disruption to Islington and Camden Cemetery Services as well as reducing waste management costs and saving them valuable resources.”

ACM Waste Management Plc: www.acmplc.com
tel.: 08700 777 555
email: green@acmplc.com.

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