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Continental Tyres joins FTA’s fuel duty crusade has lent its support to a campaign the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is hoping will bring a halt to the rise in fuel duty anticipated next week and create some breathing space for struggling companies in the beleaguered transport industry.

FTA's Every Penny Counts ( campaign aims to draw attention to the fuel duty rise looming large for 1 April that will not only hurt motorists' wallets, but will land hauliers with a bill for over £900 per truck. On top of the inflation-busting, nine per cent fee hikes and other discretionary government levies announced today, the total cost to business would rise to around £1,500 per truck, which could easily lead to significant job losses in the haulage industry.

Louise Doherty of said:

“A fuel tax hike doesn't just hurt drivers, but small businesses, hauliers and everyone who is reliant on them. At a time of soaring unemployment and in the midst of a recession every penny really does count, which is why we're delighted to be supporting the FTA's campaign.”

It is hoped that support from a potential 1.2 million members could help tip the scales in favour of a moratorium on the feared fuel duty rise.

Jo Tanner of the FTA said:

“We're delighted to have on board with the Every Penny Counts campaign. If the Government goes ahead with the fuel duty increase on 1 April, motorists aren't going to be the only ones to notice it.

“Because of the current state of the economy, companies aren't going to be able simply to suck up the increased transport costs, so those increases are going to have to be passed on to consumers and we all end up out of pocket.”

To support Every Penny Counts and make your voice heard by the powers that be, please visit where you can request a postcard which can be sent to your local MP in support of Early Day Motion 994.

You are also invited to join the EPC Facebook group which can be found at

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