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PHS Teacrate keeps production in UK dispite tempting offers from China

When PHS Teacrate developed its new IT2 flat screen computer crate a major consideration was where to manufacture it. One option was to move the production from Teacrate's manufacturing partners in the United Kingdom to China. Tooling for the new IT2 had already been sourced in China by Teacrate's resources director Alan Thomas, who also visited Chinese factories involved in crate production.

“We already had the tooling over in China and it was tempting to use a factory over there for production,” said Alan. “Production costs are of course much much lower than in the UK; but there's a lot more to it than that. One concern was quality, I just couldn't be sure that the high standards we set would be maintained over there, and it's a long way to go to put things right if something goes wrong. Another consideration was logistics, it takes at least four weeks for a boat to reach the UK from China and that's not counting the time spent loading and unloading at both ends of the journey.”

Sales manager Nick Burke added, “We need a reliable supply chain so that we can respond to our customers' orders quickly and handle seasonal fluctuations in the removals business. By keeping production in the UK we're able to manage our stocks precisely and guarantee supply, that would be very difficult if we used an overseas manufacturer.”

PHS Teacrate is the UK's largest crate rental company supplying a wide range of re-usable crates and packaging products for the removals industry.

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