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PHS Teacrate’s barcode scanning system delivers efficient crate control

Facilities managers and removal companies will no longer struggle with locating crates across multiple locations following the introduction of barcode scanning technology by crate rental provider, PHS Teacrate.

PHS Teacrate, which forms part of the PHS Group, handles around 25 million crates every year in a variety of dimensions. The new technology has been introduced as part of its ongoing plans to improve the information and feedback provided to its clients to allow better crate management. In conjunction with improved reporting and automatic alerts Teacrate is bringing crate rental into the information age.

Barcode scanning will enable facilities managers and removal companies to have effective tracking and traceability information at their fingertips on the delivery and collection of crates and which job they were allocated to. Future development plans include the ability to extend this traceability into the department they were allocated to.

This technology is especially useful for customers who need more than a standard box if dealing with priceless or fragile items from organisations such as government, museums and universities.

Barcode scanning follows the company’s introduction of handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs) in 2014, which provides real-time information for its office removals operation.

PHS Teacrate is now rolling out barcode scanning for its lidded containers LC1, LC2, LC3, LC6 and computer crates IT1 and IT2 with barcodes soon to be added, as an option, to is roll cages (SC1) in response to customer demand.

This latest innovation effectively gives the crate a unique identity which is scanned to provide important tracking information aimed at reducing stock losses, whilst highlighting potential bottlenecks. It also helps to overcome some of the perceived anonymity involving unmarked delivery crates.

The paperless solution provides vital delivery and collection information which can either be automatically emailed directly to the customer or accessed via Cratelink, PHS Teacrate’s portal login solution.

Sales Director, Patrick Sheehy, explains: “Barcode scanning will allow PHS Teacrate to capture where the crate has come from and exactly which job it was used for. For example when working with a large facilities management organisation that required different deliveries to various departments, we could potentially highlight which departments they came from when we collected the crates.

“This gives an extra layer of traceability and as we develop the system further customers will get more and more control. The next phase of our move to 21st Century removal solutions will be the development of tools to enhance the service on site.”

He added: “The combined introduction of PHS Teacrate’s environmentally friendly handheld PDA devices and barcode scanning will reduce the amount of paperwork involved and allow large organisations to handle their own internal moves by giving facilities managers access to optional barcoded delivery crates. In conjunction with the barcode developments we are also introducing various additional reports including unallocated crates, stock flow, daily summary reports and even extended rental alerts.”

PHS Teacrate envisages that rental customers will enjoy the most benefits from the new service due to the often high volume of crates involved.

PHS Teacrate operates its own fleet of vehicles from eight depots and has a reputation for fast and reliable delivery which has put it at the forefront of the industry.

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