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Picking and Replenishment Made Easy

Designed for production and assembly lines, SSI Schaefer has introduced a new modular shelving system into its expanding portfolio of materials handling solutions for the logistics industry – the R3000 Tilt Shelving System.

Launched at this year's CeMAT exhibition, the R3000 Tilt Shelving System, able to accommodate all standard euro size containers with fully adjustable vertical shelf positions to fit all box heights, is the next step on from Schaefer's R7000 Modular Shelving System. It is a lighter-duty system carrying the same features as heavy-duty shelving but adapted to engineer out cost and weight making it a more economical solution.

Ideally suited to a number of different applications, the R3000 Tilt Shelving is perfect for: items with a limited shelf life or stock rotation, for example, date sensitive publications, dry food or frozen and chilled products; assembly-line feeding for industries such as automotive, aviation, telecoms and electrical; order-picking environments such as books, CDs, pharmaceutical products, clothing and electronic parts.

Bob Jane, Business Development Manager, said: “The new R3000 Tilt Shelving System from SSI Schaefer has a number of key benefits including first in first out stock rotation with a guaranteed depth of stock to ensure 100% availability. Simple operational access allows picking and replenishment to take place at the same time providing high picking rates with shorter distances to travel across the shopfloor.”

The unique hand-loaded tilt shelf location system, with a high-load bearing of up to 2500kg per bay, single or double-depth, and 250kg per shelf level, is made from durable galvanised sheet metal using pre-assembled frames and system parts which are joined bolt-free, making the system quick and easy to assemble.

Stock is placed on shelves, loaded from the back of the rack (replenishment face) which then gravitate to the front for picking by hand (pick face). A front lip secures all goods on the tilted levels while side rails prevent items from falling between the shelving uprights – low cost wire box guides can be used to divide the compartments.

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