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Pinewood add Customer Relationship Management tool to Pinnacle dealer management software

A new tool added free to Pinewood’s Pinnacle dealer management software is giving dealers extra flexibility in gathering accurate customer satisfaction feedback.

The Customer Relationship Management tool automatically e-mails customers who have recently visited the dealership and used any of its services – from new cars sales to aftersales.

It is designed to be customised by each dealer according to the kind of service that has been used and to ask successive questions based upon responses given.

The appearance of the e-mail can also be changed for each dealership, even down to the level of different images for different types of customer, while reports that compile customer responses can be automatically generated.

Managing director Neville Briggs said: "Many dealers gather customer feedback using the same methods that they have employed for many years – typically using a hanger on the rear view mirror or a simple follow-up phone call.

"What we are finding is that the DMS-based e-mail survey, limited to perhaps five questions, is much more effective. Customers are much more likely to be honest than in a phone call and are able to complete the questions in their own time.

"Getting CRM right is crucial for dealerships at the moment as they continue to fight for profitability and repeated aftersales in tough conditions."

The CRM tool is included in the latest update to Pinnacle. Because the software is hosted online, updates occur automatically without the need for users to take any action.

Briggs added: "We have been trialling the CRM tool with several dealerships and their feedback has been very positive. It is helping them to build up a much better picture of how their services are perceived by customers than conventional feedback methods.

"Although some feedback may be negative, it provides the dealership with the opportunity to highlight where changes are required, to enhance or create a positive customer experience. This type of feedback is crucial to maximising your dealership’s potential."

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