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Pinewood Pinnacle dealer management software cuts paper use and minimizes costs

A new feature added to Pinewood’s Pinnacle dealer management software will allow dealers to potentially cut paper use by up to two-thirds.

Called Compact Printing, it simply reduces in size common documents such as vehicle quotes, customer orders and invoices so that more information can be fitted on less paper.

In trial use, it has allowed dealers to cut considerably expenditure on paper, toner and storage, as well as having an obvious and very welcome environmental benefit.

Neville Briggs, managing director, said that Compact Printing was a simple but highly effective idea.

He explained: "Most dealerships make their way through reams of paper every week. It is simply a paper intensive business because of the amount of documentation that is required for all kinds of standard processes.

"However, just by reducing the size of the documents but redesigning them so that they are still clearly legible, paper use can be massively reduced. At a point in time when dealers are looking to minimise all kinds of costs, it is an easy win."

Compact printing is included in the latest revision to Pinnacle, which because it is a hosted solution has been automatically updated for all dealer users of the software free of charge.

The parameters that control the printout style can be found in Vehicles → Parameters → Invoices tab. For each process type, dealers should select either ‘Standard’ or the new ‘Compact’ report form.

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