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Pioneering partnership between SCC and ByBox ensures quick breakdown response

ByBox, the supply chain specialists and SCC, Europe’s largest independent technology solutions provider have struck up a partnership which ensures quick response to any I.T. repairs and breakdowns. SCC’s team of Field Service Engineers use ByBox’ UK wide network of lockers to collect and return parts. The lockers, which are based at convenient, easy-to-reach locations such as petrol stations, retail parks and sports grounds offer an unconventional but highly efficient method of parts distribution.

SCC has an enviable track record for helping European based companies and government organisations assess, plan, source, integrate and manage their IT infrastructure. Its engineers maintain this infrastructure and to do so, they need a reliable and quick supply chain process in place.

Using ByBox, engineers do not have to wait for parts to arrive; ByBox delivers in-night into its lockers ensuring parts are delivered pre 8am. Texts are sent to engineers once deliveries are made and engineers can then collect parts at the start of their day using their unique key or card. They can choose whether to have their items delivered to their local locker (usually within 2.5 miles of their home address) or a locker closest to where they are carrying out a job.

SCC also uses ByBox’ job based service for a project whereby ByBox delivers parts to the locker nearest to where a job is taking place. This reduces any unnecessary travel time for engineers and enables SCC to be flexible in their engineer scheduling. It also means that if the assigned engineer is unable to attend, another engineer can complete the call without delay.

The service is not only convenient and time-saving, it is also reliable; ByBox has a first time pre 8am delivery success rate of 99.77% and its custom made tracking platform Thinventory™ ensures there is 100% parts visibility at every stage of the supply chain.

To return parts, engineers simply affix a ByBox Blackstripe® return strip onto a part and place it in a locker. ByBox does the rest; the information embedded in the label allows ByBox to route it back to the originator quickly and easily. It is a closed-loop process and enables SCC to see exactly which parts have not yet been returned.

By investing and developing pioneering technology, ByBox has continued to strengthen and increase its service offering. SCC has found the end-to-end solution to be the perfect fit to the needs of its operation and the demands of its customers.

Mark Garritt, Managing Director of ByBox said, "We are proud to work with SCC, a dynamic forward thinking company much like ourselves. We pride ourselves on providing a modern flexible solution which makes life a lot easier for our customers and after meeting with SCC we put together a bespoke package in accordance with their needs. We hope to continue to take our relationship with SCC from strength to strength and look forward to a great future."

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