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PK 165.002 TEC 7 – The next generation of cranes

As an innovation leader, PALFINGER is presenting the PK 165.002 TEC 7 as a new generation of cranes. Designed for carrier vehicles with a maximum permitted total weight of 32 tons, the PK 165.002 TEC 7 reaches new dimensions in terms of weight reduction.

Conceived for 32-ton carrier vehicles
The PK 165.002 TEC 7 combines strength with wide reach and is still a ton lighter than its previous model PK 150002. “Our goal was to develop a crane that is designed for heavy loads and high reach capacities while reducing the weight at the same time,” explains Gerald Pschernig, Managing Director of Business Unit Cranes at PALFINGER. The crane reaches a lifting capacity that is up to 15 percent higher than its predecessor. The lifting capacity even increases by more than 20 percent at the fly jib. “The greatest challenge was to optimize this crane for a 32-ton carrier vehicle. We succeeded in this with the PK 165.002 TEC 7,” and this even with full equipment, including the fly jib and winch, Gerald Pschernig adds.

Particularly economic
This weight reduction pays off for the users: The crane can be mounted on a 32-ton chassis. The acquisition costs, operating costs and the efficiency during operation are optimized by the qualification as a standard truck. This means route restrictions or accompanying vehicles are not an issue.

Specializes in heavy loads and high reach capacities
The PK 165.002 TEC 7 shows its strengths with heavy loads, for example, which have to be lifted across large distances. The new model has a lifting capacity of 125 meter tons. The maximum lifting capacity with the fly jib is 8.2 instead of the previous 6.5 tons. With the PJ 240, the PK 165.002 TEC 7 reaches a maximum lifting height of 35 meters and even 40 meters with the PJ 300L.

Power Link Plus
Power Link Plus makes the PK 165.002 TEC 7 a specialist for difficult application areas: The knuckle boom system enables an overextension of 15 degrees. This point can be decisive, for example when one has to lift heavy loads through a low gate opening into a building – and this is the type of application where the PK 165.002 TEC 7 with Power Link Plus can excel.

Maintenance-optimized system
PALFINGER placed great value on modern, functional design with the PK 165.002 TEC 7. The boom system with the P-Profile increases the stiffness of the crane boom and contributes substantially to the lightweight construction. The completely redesigned slew mechanism and extension system are executed in a
maintenance-optimized style. The sensors, hydraulics and electronics of the crane are installed in such a way that all components have the best protection against mechanical and weather-related influences.

The PK 165.002 TEC 7 is available as of the third quarter 2015.

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