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Planet Positive launch online green certification service for SMEs

Planet Positive launches online green certification making sustainability faster, cheaper and accessible for millions of SMEs around the world

Despite the powerful business arguments for operating sustainably, for the majority of SMEs it is often hard to do so, the most common obstacles being perceived costs, lack of awareness of business benefits and conflicting time and resource pressures. Now there is a solution for all businesses with the launch of an online green certification service from Planet Positive. Certification provides an international recognition of the highest sustainability standards as well as giving ongoing support to enable businesses to make it happen.

Planet Positive, which has to-date worked primarily with larger scale businesses, has introduced the new online service to help and encourage small and medium sized businesses to become more sustainable and have a positive environmental and social impact.

The Planet Positive online green certification service removes the barrier of consultant assessments that has previously proved cost prohibitive to SMEs. It enables businesses to enter their own energy data, typically in less than an hour and receive a footprint, reduction strategy, certification and supporting marketing materials within two weeks. In addition, these businesses have access to Planet Positive’s advisory service which provides professional support on continued action they can take for further benefits to their business. This includes ways to save energy, how to encourage behaviour change amongst employees and how to market your green credentials for advancement of your business. In summary, a full environmental management service.

Through the use of Force.com, the leading cloud platform for business apps from salesforce.com. Planet Positive has built a certification app that allows SMEs to complete an online assessment and receive certification at a fraction of the cost of traditional means. Martin Goodman, Planet Positive’s Executive Chairman and a Government Advisor on IT, explains: "Using cloud based technology has enabled us to offer a comprehensive environmental certification to businesses around the world. It is a low carbon solution that unlocks sustainability for millions of businesses and people. This is cutting the green tape that has surrounded sustainability by locking business into expensive and lengthy consultant-based programmes. With online certification, it is fast, affordable and accessible to all."

Planet Positive’s online green certification service is available globally with prices in the UK starting from £150 for sole traders up to £750 for companies of up to 200 people. For larger companies, Planet Positive supplies a bespoke quote within 24 hours. For further information visit www.beplanetpositive.com or telephone 0207 250 1551.

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