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Plastic pallets and boxes supplier Goplasticpallets introduce the APB1208 LSNR nestsable pallet

New in the UK and exclusive to Goplasticpallets.com is the APB1208 LSNR, a unique triple-function plastic pallet that nests, stacks and racks.

The versatile new pallet offers the ultimate space-saving and cost-cutting solution for goods handling and transportation. A standard truck can hold up to 33 stacks of the APB1208 LSNR pallets piled 35 high – a total of 1,155 pallets – ensuring minimal wastage space in storage and transit. As the APB1208 LSNR pallets nest securely when not in use, this can significantly reduce costs on return journeys.

Moulded in one piece, the APB1208 LSNR has three long runners along the base, which allow the pallets to be racked up to a capacity of 400kg per pallet. When static the pallet bears a maximum load of 1,200kg.

Where most traditional nestable pallets have nine feet and are not suitable for roller conveyor systems, the APB1208 LSNR proves the exception. The pallet’s unique three-runner design allows the pallet to run off most conveyor and roller systems. When placed in stackable mode, the pallet also feeds easily through automated pallet dispensers.

The APB1208 LSNR measures 1,200mm (L) x 800mm (D) x 140mm (H) and weighs 7.8kg. The pallet is available in recycled or virgin materials and is fully recyclable. Optional features include extra 7mm rims for additional stability and anti-slip plugs.

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