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Plastic returnable transit packaging Maxinest tray, celebrates 15 years as market leader in grocery retail

The award-winning Maxinest® tray, manufactured by global expert in plastic returnable transit packaging for the food, retail and manufacturing sectors LINPAC Allibert, is celebrating 15 years as the UK’s most popular grocery retail tray.

With more than 18 million Maxinest® trays sold in the past two and half years alone, the container has become universally accepted by supermarkets as the most popular choice for showcasing fresh produce, meat, fish and bakery items.

The Maxinest® tray was launched in 1995 to meet supermarket demands to cut costs, reduce packaging waste and deliver greater efficiency in the supply chain. It now comes in 20 different varieties and represents a core part of produce merchandising for all the major supermarket chains. Its success means that typically you will see Maxinest® merchandising between 80 and 90 per cent of grocery produce in store.

Simon Moulson, Head of Retail Development at LINPAC Allbert, explains: "When Maxinest® was first introduced, we had to deliver it in beige so that it didn’t look too different from cardboard as consumers associated plastic trays with quality and thereby had the perception that the produce would be more expensive. Now things have changed. Black is becoming increasingly popular for showcasing the bright colours of fruit and vegetables and the consumers’ perception of quality when picking produce from a tray is definitely seen as a plus.

"Bread and bakery trays are still typically brown in colour, reflecting a more rustic, homely appeal, and are a great example of how effective they are at increasing the throughput of goods from warehouse to shop floor. A recent study with one supermarket chain showed how it helped to achieve replenishment of stock 10 times more quickly than previously, leading to an increase in sales of 17 per cent – not bad for a humble bread basket!

"Looking forward to the next 15 years, we see the roll-out of automated RFID and automated technology continuing to shape the design of the product. We have already launched the next generation Maxinest®+, designed and developed to meet the demands of automated warehouse environments, and are now working with retailers on the next generation of folding trays, which will deliver even greater savings in the supply chain while being able to hold and present goods even more effectively."

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