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Polythene UK launches new machine stretch film

Polythene UK, the largest broker of polythene film and bags in the UK, has launched a new cast machine stretch film.

The award winning firm, based in Witney Oxfordshire, says that its new cast machine stretch film’s reduced thickness uses less film by weight and in turn creates less packaging waste.

According to Polythene UK, as an additional environmental benefit, its thinner profile also winds more film onto a standard reel, not only reducing delivery requirements and CO² emissions, but facilitating greater efficiencies.

The company’s new cast machine stretch-film is targeted at semi automatic pallet wrapping machines. Due to its down-gauged profile, it offers all the strength, load holding characteristics, and performance levels of a conventional 20mμ stretchwrap, but from a film profile that’s only 10mμ in thickness.

James Woollard, Managing Director at Polythene UK says: "Because our cast machine stretch film has a thinner profile, this enables more film to be wound per roll and, in turn, more pallets per reel to be wrapped. In addition to saving up to 43% on wrapping costs, this greater length of film per roll also means fewer stoppages for reel changes maximising productivity.

Over the last few months the company has focused on technically advanced down-gauged solutions to improve efficiency, reduce cost and minimise environmental impact for both shrink and stretch applications.

Just last month Polythene UK launched a new set of machine stretch films which provide the highest film yields in Europe. The machine stretch films (‘fold over pre stretched machine film’ & ‘300% power stretch film’) are designed to be used with the two types of pallet wrappers that are currently being used in the market place today, these being the ‘Standard core break’ turntable, and the ‘Power pre-stretch’ turntable.

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