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Pooled pallets manufacturer CHEP provides solution for the sugar production and packing industry

Azucareras Reunidas de Jaén (ARJ), a leading sugar producer in Spain has resoundingly endorsed the use of CHEP pooled pallets as the optimum logistics solution for the sugar production and packing industry throughout Europe.

"Our experience has shown that CHEP pallets are high quality that help protect our delicate products in transit," commented Javier Benito Alonso, Head of Quality and Environment with ARJ. "Unlike white exchange pallets and those provided from other pooling companies, using CHEP pallets we also do not experience any problems with moisture which can damage our goods."

Headquartered in Jaén, Southern Spain, ARJ has been a Spanish market leader in sugar production and marketing for many years. The company produces 150,000kg of sugar daily, which is shipped on CHEP Euro (1200x800mm) and half (800x600mm) pallets to numerous countries across Europe. According to Mr Benito Alonso, the CHEP pallet pooling system which they have been using for over 8 years, allows ARJ to optimise logistics efficiencies and reduce costs across the supply chain.

Not only is the quality of the CHEP pallets superior, ensuring product damage in transit is kept to a minimum, but also the CHEP pooling model where pallets are continually recycled across the supply chain, is also environmentally friendly.

"Our ongoing concern for environmental protection has led us to eliminate packaging waste as much as possible," adds Mr Benito Alonso. "In the specific area of palletisation, we find that the CHEP pooling system, in which the pallets are constantly reused and timber requirements are minimised, is the best solution."

ARJ’s marketing partner Nueva Comercial Azucarera (NCA) was equally enthusiastic.

"Our industry has some very specific requirements. We need dry, high quality pallets in order to protect our products," explained Eduardo Garrido Araque, NCA Zone Manager. "Not only do CHEP pallets meet our requirements in this respect, but by using CHEP we also do not need to dedicate resources to purchase, recover and maintain our own pallet pool."

CHEP’s quality pallets have also been proven to work well in automated storage and retrieval systems where damaged pallets can cause system failures, resulting in delays and increased costs. This is another crucial benefit that is acknowledged by both ARJ and NCA.

"The CHEP pallets are standard size and can be used in automated systems, including fork-lifts and photo-electric location systems. With white pallets, which are non-standard and of inconsistent quality, any number of problems can arise," added Mr Garrido Araque.

Laura Nador, General Manager of CHEP Iberia, applauded ARJ’s advances in optimising the efficiency of its logistics operations. "ARJ and CHEP have worked together for many years on optimising logistics efficiencies and it is satisfying to see the benefits that ARJ is currently experiencing. For CHEP it is a real honour to have ARJ in our client portfolio in Spain."

Azucareras Reunidas de Jaén, headquartered in Jaén, Andalucía is a leader in the production and packaging of sugar in Spain. Products are sold under ARJ’s Notadolce brand and under its customer brands, including Scamark, Systeme U, Casino and Unimark.

CHEP is the global leader in pallet and container pooling services serving many of the world’s largest companies. The company has more than 7,500 employees and operates in 45 countries. Combining superior technology and an asset base of more than 300 million pallets and containers, CHEP offers its customers exceptional value, a platform that enables reduction in customer product damage, and an environmentally sustainable logistical solution. Supply chains served include consumer goods, produce, beverage, and the automotive industry. With global partners that include Procter & Gamble, SYSCO, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Nestle, Ford and GM, CHEP is known for Handling the World’s Most Important Products everyday

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