Hytera logistics and distribution two way radio communication product solutions

Post IMHX 2013 Opinion Piece by Eric Carter, Solutions Architect at Indigo Software

based System 21 ERP software users to utilise the latest barcode and wireless technologies, removing the manual processes associated with inventory and warehousing operations.

Now through Indigo WMS for IBM i, we’ve opened up the software providing an automated warehouse management system offering real time solutions enhanced for other users of IBM i ERP software such as BPICS, Maapics, Movex/M3 and SAP, as well as in house developed systems.

There’s no doubt about it that WMS is evolving; emerging technologies brings calm to the warehouse floor chaos, speeds up timeliness and put paid to questions like ‘Have you seen..?’ ‘Where is..?’ and ‘I can’t find..?’

With Indigo WMS, users are able to manage the movement of goods in and out of a warehouse, using a hand-held radio frequency terminal allowing automated data capture to ensure information is guaranteed to be accurate and true.

Successful businesses across the world operate a ‘Just in Time’ stock control system but in my experience, organisations in the UK operate using it’s ‘Just Too Late’.

The bottom line is that inventory is the nucleus of almost every decision made in a logistics and distribution business, and I strongly believe if you can save stock value through WMS systems like Indigo WMS for IBM i, you can make a massive difference to the bottom line.

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