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Postal strikes could spell major consequences for businesses with cashflow hugely effected

Says Transport Exchange Group
The unrivalled electronic capability of one of the country’s most sophisticated online freight exchanges is helping its members avoid the consequence of the postal strike.

Last week’s two day strike has left a backlog of 5 million items still waiting to be delivered and with now further action this week the effect on businesses will be severe.

However for more than 2,000 member companies, the Transport Exchange Group’s online, real-time transaction and communications hub – accessible using PC’s and mobile devices is proving to be an invaluable tool.

For the Transport Exchange Group’s system facilitates seamless electronic trading from order confirmation to invoice approval and payment, and processes more than 10,000 loads a month.

Members have the ability to raise invoices online as well as provide electronic POD’s and online payments thus ensuring there is no delay at any stage of the transaction.

Lyall Cresswell, Managing Director, Transport Exchange Group commented: "A great number of businesses rely on the post for issuing invoices, proof of delivery notices etc which at times like these could have far-reaching effects.

"Cashflow is crucial and if invoices are not being received then payments – by whatever means will not be forthcoming and in a business as cash sensitive as transport this could prove a major problem.

"By providing a fully electronic platform, our members are able to carry out their administrative tasks without disruption and so ensure the smooth running of the business."

Additionally the transparency of the Transport Exchange Group operation is also enabling customers to manage the increased business which many of them are experiencing as more people move away from the Royal Mail.

The Transport Exchange Group has ten years experience offering solutions that enable distribution professionals to trade spare capacity, run full vehicles and eliminate unprofitable journeys.

These services help operators reduce empty running and unprofitable backloads, overcome rising fuel prices and driver shortages, share the burden of congestion charges, and comply with onerous legislation.

By providing the best possible forum for business collaboration, TEG helps member companies to reduce the cost of their supply chains whilst at the same time increase their trading platform and capacity.

TEG is expanding and will continue to provide a market leading service enabling transport trade professionals to collaborate effectively for their mutual benefit.

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