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Potter Group Logistics enhance local landscape with a thousand trees

As part of the ongoing A1M50 development, Potter Group Logistics has planted over one thousand trees and shrubs to enhance the local landscape between its Ripon distribution centre (DC) and the nearby village of Melmerby.

The A1M50 development is sited at Ripon, the heart of the Potter Group Logistics operation. It will be an extension of the existing Melmerby industrial estate located at Junction 50 of the A1M. With the benefits of good motorway communications it is an ideal location for supplying the north of England via the newly improved motorway system.

In order to screen Melmerby from the ongoing construction work, Potter Group Logistics has purchased a new piece of land, ideally positioned between the village and the DC for a tree plantation.

Executive chairman and founder of the company, Derrick Potter, who has been a driving force behind this project, has been on hand to personally assist in the landscaping. He comments, "We want to make sure the local community in Melmerby who are our neighbours, are shielded from the major reconstruction work at our Ripon DC.

"We’ve created a raised bank using the displaced soil from the initial excavations of the A1M50 project. Here, we have planted some of the trees and shrubs to form a permanent screen. The remaining trees have been positioned at a lower level and these will continuously be maintained over a 25 year cycle.

"We intend to uphold the aesthetics and health of the whole plantation ourselves using the expert advice we have received from the local nurseries who supplied all the trees and shrubs. It is hoped that in future the plantation will become a natural part of the local landscape."

Once the revamped A1M50 site is finished it will offer a range of unit sizes from 6,000 up to 75,000 sq ft. Tailored variations of the units can be considered across all the plots to accommodate any requirement for new, high quality commercial facilities. Not only is this development a good use of redundant land, it will also benefit the local area with the creation of more jobs and increased business.

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