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Powder handling specialist solves storage problems instantly with a temporary building

With 70 percent growth over the last three years and still more in prospect, bulk powder storage and packaging specialists, Resin Handling Services (RHS), found they had severe capacity problems. Help came from Smart Space, the temporary building experts, who completed a project to provide additional temporary building storage within two months from order, with the actual build time on site taking just four days.

The new building provides a storage capacity of over 3600 cubic metres and has a footprint of 15 by 55 metres. Being of light weight construction meant minimal ground work was needed and the building was easily installed directly onto an existing car park. This has been such a success for RHS that they have ordered a second temporary building. Though designed for temporary use, these buildings will provide years of service if needed. When decommissioned they are totally re-usable and will leave no significant footprint once removed.

Smart Space temporary buildings are modular in construction with aluminium frames and insulated wall panels. Roofs are translucent double skin PVC coated fabric with a variable air gap, adjusted by pressure sensors, to provide thermal protection – winter and summer. Though unheated, the insulated structures protect from the extremes of the winter and summer climate.

Bulk storage of powdered resins is the mainstay of the RHS operation, but the company handle and process all kinds of bulk powders. Offering bag-to-silo and silo-to-bag storage and distribution services, the company has 22 bulk silos and sees 25 bulk tanker movements per day from its 10 acre site.

“We trawled the Internet looking for a temporary building supplier. While we were initially drawn by competitive pricing, once the project got underway we were impressed by the willingness of the Smart Space staff to put in extra time to complete the building as quickly as possible for us,” noted RHS director Danny Heald.

High specification temporary buildings are a speciality, but Smart Space also offer light weight and rapidly installed interim buildings for longer term use, and low cost fully insulated permanent buildings that comply with the latest Building Regulations and have a 35 year design life.

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