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Power Jacks launch new screw jack series for demanding industrial applications

Power Jacks has broadened its product portfolio for domestic and international markets with the launch of a new screw jack series. The manufacturer for precision linear actuation, power transmission and mechanical jacking has introduced the C-Series screw jack, a new compact cubic jack that has around 140 million standard configurations. The C-Series complements Power Jacks’ existing high-performance S-Series cubic screw jack and has been designed to offer new application versatility.

"The C-Series is our response to an identified market need for a screw jack possessing its very specific qualities and characteristics", says Power Jacks’ Customer Service and Marketing Director Bruce Hamper. "It represents the latest stage in the evolution of our product range, based as it is upon the principles of our classic E-Series screw jack that is long established and proven in the market. We have adapted those principles into this new C-Series cubic design which we believe offers exciting new market opportunities. The C-Series is durable and adaptable and boasts a modern, sharp design. One of its key assets is the versatility it offers in terms of mounting methods, reflecting our commitment to offering customers the widest possible range of options. It is ideally placed to serve a host of industrial applications, operating individually or as part of a multi-unit jacking system."

The standard C-Series unit is complemented by anti-backlash, anti-rotation and safety nut versions, and comes in the four standard capacity sizes – 10kN, 25kN, 50kN and 100kN. "The flexibility of the series is perfectly illustrated by our capabilities to mount the motor directly onto the screw jack at the 10kN capacity size," explains Bruce Hamper. The C-Series’ special features include two screw lead options and two gear ratio options for each screw jack size, an aluminium bronze worm gear and optimum lubrication via two integrated systems. The gearbox housing is made of either highly durable SG iron or aluminium, providing a robust housing that firmly and accurately holds the gear set in a reservoir of lubricant suited to the most demanding industrial applications. The worm gear set is of a proven design commonly used across Power Jacks’ screw jack portfolio, and there is forced grease lubrication of the lead screw. Bruce Hamper adds: "Our experience in the design and manufacture of screw jacks is unrivalled in the market. The C-Series is testimony to our commitment to remain at the forefront of screw jack technology and innovation."

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