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Powering Up with PowerMate

Powered stairclimbers from Stanley Handling are making an impact in the electronics, telecommunications and power sectors where they are used in both manufacturing and distribution roles.

The PowerMate M2B boasts a capacity of 682kgs and can move large, heavy and awkward loads across flat surfaces, over steps and thresholds, up and down flights of stairs, through doorways and along narrow corridors. Used in assembly plants by companies such as Tyco, Siemens and Ericsson, the units can move equipment around sites more easily and safely than was previously possible.

Able to load and unload from goods vehicles, PowerMate has enabled some users not only to avoid the cost implications of acquiring vehicles fitted with tail lifts but has in many cases enabled companies to reduce the number of personnel required to make deliveries.

Built in steel, PowerMate is fitted with an automatic braking system, a sealed and rechargeable 12 volt battery, puncture proof 8″ wheels, adjustable strap bars, a 27″ toeplate and a retractable twin wheel dolly. The availability of optional attachments and brackets allows an almost endless range of items and materials to be carried and Stanley's comprehensive operator training and service back up, makes the PowerMate a veritable 'extra man'.

For further information please contact:
Sarah Stanley, Stanley Handling Limited
Tel: 01582 767711 – Fax: 01582 765994 – e-mail: sarah@stanleyhandling.co.uk

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