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PPS offer effective repairs of plastic RTE – including Dolav and Pallet Boxes

Leading supplier of Returnable Transit Equipment (RTE), PPS Midlands Ltd have established a fully equipped workshop to offer plastic and metal welding services in order to repair damaged pallets, crates, trays, Dolav containers and metal cages.

Hundreds of plastic RTE products and in particular crates and pallet boxes which are used for storage and distribution of fresh produce, retail items and automotive parts are being damaged each month due to collisions with fork lift trucks and poor handling. As a result companies are discarding their packaging. To replenish quality equipment with brand new goods can prove to be a costly exercise as well as an unallocated capital expense.

“Many companies are unaware of the quality of repairs service available and have a limited understanding of the benefits involved,” commented Joanne Moss, Managing Director. “Correctly repaired equipment can significantly improve its lifespan and extend your return on investment.”

Using specialist plastic welding equipment enables PPS to repair a wide range of products at a fraction of the replacement cost. The advanced microprocessor extrusion welding technology allows them to offer plastic repairs in polyethylene and polypropylene. This material has excellent impact strength and low distortion even at low temperatures.

PPS are able to provide a pallet box repair and maintenance schedule to keep pooled products in tip-top condition or alternatively, they can quote for individual repairs as required.

Any repair work can be undertaken on the customer’s site or if this is not suitable, the damaged products can be delivered to PPS’s own repair facility based in Marchington, Uttoxeter.

PPS repair a range of products, including the Saeplast triple layered containers, single walled Dolav repair, plastic box repair, plastic bin repair and plastic pallet repair.

For a quotation or further details of PPS’s plastic welding repair service contact Tel: 01283 821 502 or visit PPS website – www.ppsequipment.co.uk

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