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Precision chain systems manufacturer Iwis presents accumulation chains for feed and assembly systems

Iwis presents accumulation chains for feed and assembly applications. The product offering of the high-performance roller chain manufacturer includes both Iwis and Elite brand chains. The Iwis-branded accumulation chains include versions with low-friction running rollers, side bow conveyor chains and maintenance-free conveyor chains as well as conventional accumulation chains. The Elite range includes accumulation roller chains, chains with parts and finger protection, and double-pitch roller chains.

Accumulation chains have an enlarged conveying roller every other segment, which transports the conveyed materials and allows the chain to pass underneath queued material without damaging it. Used in feeding applications, automation engineering and to provide gentle transportation of, for example, workpiece carriers, accumulation chains are exceptionally versatile. In conveying applications they are used as links between stations of a production or assembly line, in warehouses, in a range of material flow systems; in short, wherever workpieces, finished products, pallets, containers or crates need to be moved, stored, accelerated or separated along defined routes.

Requiring a lower drive power, the newly developed Iwis accumulation chains with low-friction running rollers are exceptionally energy-efficient. Because its rollers are arranged in an offset pattern and each pin is load-bearing, they combine an optimized load distribution with a gentler, more even transport of the conveyed goods. The bushings and low-friction running rollers of the maintenance-free Megalife range of accumulation chains are made from hardened sintered metal featuring a lubricant reservoir. Megalife chains do not have to be relubricated, allowing them to remain clean throughout their service life so there is no risk of product contamination. Side bow accumulation conveyor chains provide a modular solution for direction changes in conveying systems. They have an exceptionally small minimum bend radius and fully contacting chain links even in the bend. Elite accumulation chains are available in a standard and a low-maintenance design. For increased personnel safety and to protect the conveyed goods, Elite accumulation chains are also available with finger and parts protection. The gap between the conveying rollers of this type is covered to prevent fingers or small objects becoming trapped between the rollers during operation.

In addition to accumulation chains, Iwis provides a full product range for all drives and conveying applications. The Iwis Group’s programme comprises precision and high-performance roller chains, conveyor chains, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant chains, accumulation chains, special-purpose conveyor chains, chains for agricultural machinery, flat-top chains and modular belts for industrial applications, as well as timing drives for the automotive industry.

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