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Prefabricated structural mezzanine floors can provide additional storage space

In these trying economic times you may still find that you are in need of more space but are not ready to financially commit to adding-on or moving to a larger facility, you should consider a prefabricated structural mezzanine. A custom mezzanine can be designed to fit in almost any area and can provide the additional storage, office or manufacturing/assembly space that you require. A mezzanine is the least expensive alternative for additional space. Look up; with a minimum of 15 to 16 feet of clearance a mezzanine can help you utilize the additional space you already own.

Back to the "trying economic times" issue. Did you know that a mezzanine can be leased thereby eliminating a large cash outlay? It may also qualify for accelerated depreciation.

And when the time comes to move, your mezzanine is 100% recoverable and can be disassembled and moved to your new location. If need be it can be reconfigured, to fit your new space; it could be made smaller or larger, shortened or raised or totally reshaped using most of, if not all of its existing parts. The only place the mezzanine is attached to a structure is through floor anchoring, much like anchoring pallet rack, shelving, machinery, etc (its not part of the building). There are no other building attachments and there is no welding during installation, so disassembly is relatively easy. Get the additional space that you need now for a very low initial investment and remember it’s yours, take it with you when you move.

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