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Premier Waste Management calling time on drinking waste

Premier Waste Management is calling time on the amount of drinking waste being generated by revellers socialising in licensed premises across Yorkshire.

Premier’s collection service will pick up mixed coloured glass from a variety of pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels in the region and then recycle it.

Unlike other recycling services that rely on the various colours of glass being separated this service collects co-mingled glass. The colours are separated as they are being reprocessed into glass ready to be re-melted.

Adrian Denton, Divisional Director: Collection and Sales at Premier Waste Management, said: "We realised that staff at pubs and clubs are very busy and need to concentrate on serving people. So separating brown, green and clear glass bottles into different containers is the last thing on their mind, but these businesses do want to recycle. We have made it easy for them, all the glass goes into one container."

Waste containers in various sizes will be provided depending upon the volume of glass being used and the location of the premises. The glass is recycled at various sites in the UK. Once it is separated by colour, it is crushed and made into cullet ready to be melted back into glass.

Adrian Denton, added "Glass is infinitely recyclable it is an example of closed loop recycling, the waste glass bottles are used to make new glass bottles, which in their turn can be recycled into glass bottles."

Recycling glass reduces the demand for raw materials, and for every tonne of recycled glass used, 1.2 tonnes of raw materials are preserved and it reduces the energy required in packaging manufacture by over 35%.

According to WRAP’s Publicans Guide to Glass over 600,000 tonnes of glass bottles are thrown out from pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants and cafes in the UK every year and up to 90% of this is currently being sent to landfill sites across the UK

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