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Premier Waste Management plastering the region with success

New Environment Agency guidelines on disposal of waste have been exceeded by the region’s leading independent waste management firm.

Since 1 April this year, new measures from the Environment Agency have required all gypsum waste that cannot be recycled to be placed within a separate landfill cell, segregated from biodegradable waste. Premier Waste Management is leading the way by recycling 100% of all gypsum waste it handles, 25 tonnes in the first month since the new regulations were introduced.

Gypsum waste includes plasterboard and other building materials, that are commonly used in the construction industry but equally regularly by householders and other businesses. The Environment Agency’s new regulations are in response to the waste stream emitting the toxic gas Hydrogen Sulphide when biodegrading in landfill. Since 2005 there has been a requirement attached to gypsum waste, but this was tightened up significantly last month.

Premier Waste Management has responded to the new regulations by implementing new systems to efficiently and safely collect all gypsum based waste for 100% recycling, diverting all from landfill. The company’s new Waste Consultancy for construction businesses has already been successfully recycling all gypsum based waste products since its introduction earlier this year.

Now, all Household Waste Recycling Sites managed by Premier Waste Management have systems for collecting gypsum waste from householders and other businesses too. Infact, the system for collection has had to be increased to cope with demand.

Not only is all gypsum collected by Premier Waste Management recycled, but the process is carried out in the UK and through sustainable and responsible outlets. Most is reprocessed back in to the plasterboard or cement industry.

Kevin Hawkes, Premier’s Commercial Operations Manager commented: "Diverting gypsum based waste from landfill for recycling is a vital step forward. Not only is it significantly reducing toxic gas emissions but it is re-using a vital resource. And clearly the region is behind the move too.

"We started off will large collection bags at our recycling sites but have quickly realised that these are not sufficient and are in the process of ensuring each site has a skip for gypsum waste collection. Our commercial customers are also being provided with means for collection this waste stream separating, with a range of containers available dependent on their needs."

Premier Waste Management has Household Recycling Sites across County Durham and South Tyneside. For more information on their location go to www.premierwaste.com

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