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Pro-dek completes flexible high-capacity racking project

A combination of cantilever and A-frame racking from Sheffield-based Pro-Dek Storage Systems is providing flexible high-density storage for a wide range of sheet and extrusions at a new distribution centre in Coventry opened by Richard Austin Alloys.

The new warehouse currently holds some 2000 tonnes of stock — twice as much as the previous building in Nottingham — and has the capacity to hold 3000 tonnes in the future. Products consist of extrusions up to six metres long and sheet in 30 different sizes up to six metres x two metres, with around 800 tonnes a month being supplied to customers.

Pro-Dek was responsible for planning the entire project to maximise storage capacity and for installing a mixture of existing racking from Nottingham and new equipment from Pro-Dek. The layout also had to allow existing counterbalance trucks and new narrow-aisle sideloaders to be used.

The sheet is stored on seven-metre-high cantilever racking with arm lengths from 1100mm to 2200mm. Each vertical column has seven arm levels, each arm being adjustable in 150mm increments to allow for different pack sizes. Arms have a nominal load capacity of 1.5 tonnes, allowing up to three one-tonne packs to be stored on two arms.

Smaller products are stored on 1100mm and 1350mm arms on racking with 2760mm guided aisles for handling by sideloaders, while larger material is held on racking with six metre aisles and handled by counterbalance trucks. Some arms have provision for lateral bars to be fitted, which give Richard Austin Alloys the flexibility to store a wider variety of sizes safely in the future.

Extrusions measuring up to six metres long are stored in double-sided A-frame racks with adjustable spigot arms on each side that give adjustable storage locations. Pigeon-holes are located within the racks for storing lighter profiles, and cat-ladders at the end of each structure give access to high-level walkways that enable staff to check stock easily.

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