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Product improvements on the forklift stainless highlifters from Logitrans

The severe requirements of the food industry for the use of internal handling equipment place higher demands on the materials of the handling equipment. At the same time, wet and aggressive environments can have strong impact on the material. It is therefore very important that the material is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The specific product improvements make the Logitrans highlifters fulfill the requirements even better!

"We have made the product improvements on the basis of our experiences with stainless products and good feedback from customers. Even more parts of the highlifters are now made of stainless steel; E.g. the release handle of the manual highlifters, the battery box on the electric stainless-plus highlifter and the top section. The lifting/lowering switch is sealed additionally", says Gitte Kirkegaard, Sales Director at Logitrans.

The highlifters are available in both manual and electric versions, and stainless-plus and stainless-semi versions. Stainless-plus means optimum stainless corrosion-resistant version, whereas some parts on the stainless-semi highlifters are e.g. chromit-treated. Logitrans offers a highlifter for any possible area!

However, in the wet, clean and aggressive environments, we also find the need to work in ergonomically correct working heights. Here the highlifters are perfect, because they combine the advantages of a pallet truck with the characteristics of an adjustable lifting table.

The new highlifters have a more elegant design. They can transport and lift 1500kg up to lifting height 470mm. From 470mm the lifting capacity is 1000kg.

"With a stainless highlifter, also companies with high demands for hygiene and companies with wet and aggressive environments can lift to an ergonomically correct working height. The normal painted models have a short operation life in companies with wet and aggressive environments. The investment will be recovered very quickly due to increased efficiency and less days lost due to sickness", Gitte Kirkegaard ends the interview.

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