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Product launch of new PALFINGER SANY Rough Terrain Crane Series

. Product launch of new PALFINGER SANY Rough Terrain Crane Series at PALFINGER . SANY CIS-Dealer-Conference in Moscow in April 2014.
. PALFINGER SANY looks back on a successful year 2013.
. Further product developments will be displayed at the CTT 2014 | Moscow.

PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes extends the product range with three Rough Terrain Cranes having lifting capacities of 35 tons, 55 tons and 75 tons.

The new Rough Terrain Crane series is characterized by excellent off-road performance, four-wheel steering, 116 tm to 258 tm lifting moment, ultra long and strong boom base, powerful DongFeng Cummins Engine, safety and control system in Russian language, just to mention a few advantages of this crane series.

All necessary certifications for the official distribution of Rough Terrain Cranes are already available, including the certifications by Belstandard for Belarus and Rosstandard for Russia (amongst others the TPTC, the certificate of compliance for technical requirements of customs union).

PALFINGER SANY Rough Terrain Cranes will be branded with the PALFINGER SANY logo on the crane carrier as well as on the boom. PALFINGER SANY is a guarantee for intensive quality control and reliable service, which means warranty terms of 18 months, on-site service within 48 hours anywhere in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The product launch of the new PALFINGER SANY Rough Terrain Cranes Series took place at the PALFINGER SANY CIS-Dealer-Conference in April 2014 in Moscow.

"Due to the high market interest in Rough Terrain Cranes first orders from dealers and customers have already arrived. And that before the actual market presentation", so Mr. Yury Gorpinich, General Director of PALFINGER SANY CRANES LLC in Moscow. "This points out, that there is a high interest in the market. We have already made all the preparations for the successful market launch. This includes stocking of cranes in Moscow and all our regions to provide short lead time and availability from the beginning. At the same time we train our sales and service partner network so they will be ready to provide necessary after sales service."

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