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With the amount of plastic waste generated in the UK now estimated to be nearly three million tonnes annually, increased environmental awareness and European legislation has highlighted that the use of landfill for such waste, with its harmful pollutants, is no longer a viable option. Furthermore such waste could produce an extra stream of income, with waste management solutions available to transform plastic once destined for the landfill into a reusable material with a re-sale value.

With an estimated 56% of all plastic waste generated from packaging, the European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste aims to recover 60% of such waste by December 2008, this alongside UK Producer Responsibility Obligations, strict government levies and further UK packaging regulations has compelled a radical approach to the recovery and recycling of plastic waste.

However, the Oldham based company, Shredding & Recycling Ltd, together with their German partner Erdwich GMBH, specialise in providing the technology and comprehensive customer support to meet and often surpass such environmental demands.

Producing bespoke, high quality machinery, Shredding & Recycling Ltd can adapt versatile and powerful multi-shaft shredding applications to meet virtually any plastic waste management requirement and achieve large-scale volume reduction of all plastic and packaging waste. Conveyors automatically feed waste, which can range from simple mouldings to 205 litre drums and gas pipes, into the shredder, while the compactors ensure that the output waste is tightly baled, reducing storage and handling requirements. The shredded plastic waste can then be further processed turning waste into a material with a re-sale value, resulting in a highly efficient facility, minimising manpower, improving safety and maximising profitability.

By working with their customers from day one, Shredding & Recycling Ltd ensure their bespoke recycling facilities are fully implemented into a customer's business to become a natural part of a working routine. Staff training is provided as standard and customer service personnel are on hand at all times to provide additional support and assistance. Further peace of mind is provided through the provision of maintenance contracts on all machines.

Where companies already have measures in place to meet the increasing demands of environmental legislation, Shredding & Recycling Ltd can provide additional equipment and machinery to enhance existing recycling facilities.

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Shredding & Recycling Ltd – Further Information for Editors: Shredding & Recycling Ltd is based in Oldham, but operate throughout the UK and Europe, manufacturing and selling specialist shredding and waste processing machinery.

The company is based upon an unrivalled knowledge and background in the design and sales of tailor-made shredding machinery and power transmissions. The company specifically target bespoke applications, thus fully ensuring machinery meets the exact needs of each customer.

Specialist applications include shredders designed for paper, plastic and card recycling and include machinery designed to process tyres, fridges, nuclear waste, clinical waste, aerosol and many other hazardous products. Shredding & Recycling Ltd also supply applications to ensure full compliance with the WEEE regulations for electrical and electronic waste which comes into force in 2007.

In addition to shredding machinery the company also supplies additional equipment such as balers, compactors, conveyors and extraction systems.

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