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Psion Teklogix’ RD7950 RFID reader provides best of both worlds for mobile workers

ETSI-compliant RD7950 reads short and long range in one device
providing cost-savings, increased productivity. Psion Teklogix, a global provider of solutions for mobile computing, wireless data collection, imaging and RFID, has announced compliance of its RD7950 RFID reader with European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) EN 302 208 and Listen Before Talk (LBT) standards.

Available for Psion Teklogix' rugged handheld computing device 7535 G2, the RD7950 reader successfully passed ETSI's rigorous tests and is now able to operate in the 865-868MHz frequency band. By using 'listen before talk' and 'frequency agile' techniques, the ETSI standard permits optimum use of the available spectrum.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is an independent, non-profit organization officially responsible for standardization of information and communicationtechnologies within Europe.

“We're delighted to be able to sell our RFID equipment in a growing list of European countries,” said Jacky Lecuivre, president and CEO, Psion Teklogix. “The RD7950 reader represents one of the first readers in the RFID marketplace that can actually read both short range as well as long range in one device.”

By combining the power of the RD7950 mobile RFID reader with the flexibility of the 7535 G2 rugged handheld device, customers can speed product movement through the supply chain and track products, pallets and assets in a variety of locations. The RD7950 allows an operator to multitask by using the reader for short range applications such as tote management and quickly being able to adjust the application to pallet and, or inventory tracking, in the two to three-metre range. The RD7950 can be retrofitted to existing devices.

The RD7950 RFID reader is available to customers through Psion Teklogix' global sales offices and value-added resellers.

About Psion Teklogix
Psion Teklogix is a global provider of solutions for mobile computing and wireless data collection. The company's fully integrated mobile computing solutions include rugged hardware, secure wireless networks, robust software, professional services and exceptional support programs. With over three decades of industry experience, Psion Teklogix has customers in more than 80 countries around the world, and over 36 sales and support offices in 17 countries.

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