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Pulling out all the stops with new Electromagnetic Pick and Carry Crane

GGR Group, the official distributor of Galizia pick and carry cranes has extended its reach with the arrival of a new searcher hook and electromagnetic front brake system for the Galizia G20 crane.

Measuring only 93cm wide, the Galizia G20 is one of the lightest pick and carry cranes available on the market designed to pick, carry and place loads up to 2 tonnes in restricted environments. Although the crane features 180 hydraulic steering and rear brakes as standard, GGR Group has boosted the safety features of the G20 model with the addition of new electromagnetic front brakes.

The new brakes help shorten the stopping distance of the crane and reduce the free running effect when carrying a load, making the G20 crane ideal for working on the edge of platforms or on gradients up to 7%. Other safety features include a digital safe load indicator and overload alarm, which when combined with the new electromagnetic front brakes help prevent the crane from tipping over, giving customers that extra reassurance they need on site.

Customers can also benefit from a little extra reach and radius with the new Galizia G20 searcher hook which is now available from GGR Group. The searcher hook extends the G20’s maximum lifting height to a total 6.32 metres (20.7 feet) and boosts the working radius to 4.7 metres (15.4 feet). The 150kg capacity searcher hook enables more effective picking, lifting and placing of taller objects in places such as warehouses, manufacturing sites, distribution centers, workshops and factories.

"We can see the Galizia G20 becoming an indispensible piece of equipment for plant and machinery maintenance in the future" comments GGR Group CEO Graeme Riley. "The fact that the G20 not only carries great safety features and a decent working radius but is battery operated as well makes it ideal for lifting in sensitive environments such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries" he concludes.

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