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PULS expands uninterruptable power supply range

PULS, well known for its high-efficiency power supplies, has recently expanded its range of DIN Rail Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems.

Units are available to suit a wide range of applications including PLC and industrial PC control systems requiring buffering for just a few minutes as well as remote installations needing back-up for up to many hours all depending on the load and battery size used. The PULS UB10.242 for example delivers 240W 24V with storage of up to 130Ah and can support load peaks as well. Another brand new unit is the UB20.241 that can support loads of up to 480W.

The PULS DC-UPS range features a unique One Battery Concept which PULS claims ensures the longest possible service life for emergency stand-by batteries. The One Battery Concept also enables operators to spot defective batteries by managing the battery individually which other systems using two batteries connected in series can’t.

The system also incorporates a device to continually monitor battery condition and give early warning of failure. Battery life is further extended by limiting the extent to which the battery is discharged during buffering. The limitation can be selected using a rotary switch or activated using the ‘inhibit input’ feature. Again this is only possible by utilizing the one battery concept to have individual battery management.

Other diagnostic features include LED signalling for operation modes like charging, buffer mode or warning of possible faults.

PULS UK’s Sales Manager, Kelly-Ann Sheldon said, "Although we’re very well known for our DIN Rail power supplies, customers don’t always think of us when it comes to UPS systems. By expanding our range we can now cater for a wide cross section of applications and as with the rest of PULS’s products customers can be certain of high-quality, efficiency and reliability."

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