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PULS UK Introduces life expectancy data logging to power supplies

Leading Din Rail power supply manufacturer PULS UK has introduced data logging to its single-phase QS40 and three-phase QT40 1 Kw units. The move will enable the company to establish life expectancy figures based on actual in service conditions.

PULS uses semi conductor technology to collect data relating to operating temperature, input voltages and other vital information which can later be downloaded to calculate the life expectancy of the product. The company is also developing a version that can be downloaded externally allowing customers to monitor the condition of the power supply and schedule its replacement during normal maintenance programmes. PULS expects its new technology to be particularly effective in mission critical applications, such as oil and gas installations, where power failure could result in serious consequences for operators.

Power supply manufacturers use MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) procedures to estimate the life expectancy of their products using accepted industry figures; but PULS is the first to provide accurate information based on real-life operating conditions.

PULS UK’s Managing Director Harry Moore said, "Being able to accurately establish life expectancy of a power supply will be a major benefit for our customers, especially those with installations in difficult to reach or hazardous locations. Power supplies seldom fail at convenient times, it’s often during bad weather or on a bank holiday, so replacing them is always expensive. Our new technology means we will be able to accurately predict how long our units are likely to last, so our customers can replace them before things become critical. Timely maintenance is always cheaper than dealing with a breakdown!"

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